2009 GOD-Complex Album Progress

100% exclusive sphere where you can observe the ongoing progress of a new 2009 GOD-Complex album.
(This page shall be updated frequently as the production goes along, hopefully at least once a week.)

Approximated percentual completion status:


The Title: - "Kingdom Of Decay"

Release Date: 20.12. 2009

How would i overall describe the album so far?

Sound - It's dark, experimental, very unique and relatively soft ... (sorry, fans of the brutal massacres ala The Mirror Of Dreams on the last album might be a little bit disappointed... but it's not over yet, true hardcore pieces might still be on their way :)... so far, there are lots of strange sounding pianos, uniquely plastic sounding synthesis and loads of distortion.

Theme - This album is shaping to be pretty much the opposite of "The Curse Of Divinity". TCOD was intimate, personal, dealing with relationships. New album is much more focused, sometimes even quite ecological, dealing with more global problems such as forests destruction, air pollution etc. Also, it analyzes certain variations of death and true reasons of dying.... dying of nature, trees, people... hopefully it's a good thing, I guess that no one cares about GOD's relationships like on the last album, so this might at least change some opinions and get people to think...

Visuals - As for the visual aspect, primary colors of this album are Grey and Dark Green. During music productions my mind keeps seeing imaginary visions of devastated nature, toxic wastelands, darkened skies and clouds of smoke. This is probably where the art direction is heading...

So far, the playlist looks like this:

(in brackets is current status of the song's completion, sometimes there is just music, music with lyrics but vocals are still yet to be done etc.)

Provisional tracklist:

  • 1. Illumination (completed)
  • 2. Sin Society (completed)
  • 3. Plastic Green Eyes (completed)
  • 4. The Lawnmoverman (completed)
  • 5. Preparing The Plans (completed)
  • 6. Jungle Inferno (completed)
  • 7. Digital Jesus (completed)
  • 8. King Of Pain (completed)
  • 9. Raindrops In The Sand (completed)
  • 10. Flood The Land (completed)

Of course it's still the work in progress, so some songs might get replaced, order might be different etc.


(these songs were recorded during the album creation process, but they will most likely not gonna make it, not because they are bad, but because they don't fit the album theme and concept...) .. in brackets are the reasons why they're not gonna make it....

- Until The End Of Days (because this one is dealing with exact same relationship stuff as the last album, so it's not a good idea to place it on here. But other than that, it's a really good song and there are even some live guitars :)

- Shore Creeper (because it's way too slow and ambient... vocals here are just as a background whispering and it's overall not very lyrical... since the primary objective of GOD-Complex are the vocals, this one is most likely not gonna make it)

- Basic Instinct (Collaboration with London Industrial producer L.M.P. This piece would fit the album perfectly from the lyrical point of view, but it would be pretty out of the mix musically so let's leave it as a b-side, it's available in G-C MySpace player right now...)

- 99 Red Balloons (coverversion of NENA, it's actually pretty badass, but it's way too happy poppy despite it's war theme and it's a cover so i don't think it would fit this album)

- Insidious Birds (Over-the-top anti-birds-anthem, this one is not a GOD-Complex track anymore but a start of a brand new collaboration project "Aegri Somnia", more info soon...)