Fresh Blood - (News)

This is the pool of fresh blood juiced out of a thousand virgins.
In other words, a place where all the news concerning GOD-Complex shall be added.
Long Live The New Flesh !!!

19.06.2012 - The Ruins Of Heaven

The 5th GOD-Complex album "The Ruins Of Heaven" has just been released. As always, it's available for your free downloading pleasure RIGHT HERE.

I'm looking forward to hear your opinions...

30.12.2011 - Holy Decadence & Hidden Artifacts

Sorry for the 2 years of nothing, but GOD-Complex is now releasing 2 new music albums:

"Holy Decadence" (2011) - Highly conceptual epic story, told on a depressively romantic album that features
15 brand new G-C songs.

More Info & Free Download


"Hidden Artifacts" (2010) - Retrospective & greatly entertaining collection of side-tracks, collaboration-tracks, movie soundtracks, short fun-tracks and a poem recitation.

More Info & Free Download



01.01.2010 - 2010 Kick-Off - 300 Years !!!

Working on conceptual albums can be pretty demanding process, I've done that twice in a row recently by working on The Curse Of Divinity (2008) and Kingdom Of Decay (2009), so it's time to artistically regenerate by focusing on individual singles and collaboration projects for a while. My priority will now be the Aegri-Somnia side-project with singer Malice Agnostica and there are lots of other interesting collaborations on the horizon with Anhedonia and Imperative Reaction for instance. I will post more info once the breathtaking products are ready. If you are also interested in collaboration, let me know.

The first song of 2010 is my collaboration with Artificial Expression called "300 Years". It's unbelievably effective and straightforward EBM punch in the face for all the poeple who thought my new album is not catchy enough or too lyrical. Download is available right HERE


20.12.2009 - "Kingdom Of Decay" release

The most important day of the year 2009 for the entire human race has finally come. 20.12. - The Day The New GOD-Complex album "Kingdom Of Decay" is released. Every single living thing on this rotten planet has been eagerly waiting for this moment and I can gladly announce that your desperate wait is now finally over. As always, new album is 100% free and ready for you, so don't hesitate and download it right HERE

Once you're finished with listening, you can vote for you favourite song from the album HERE and don't be afraid to tell me what you really think about it or write me a review.

Enjoy & Have a Nice Holidays


15.11.2009 - GOD-Complex Interview v1.0

Have you always been interested in an interview with GOD himself? Well, it's your christmas today. I've done a nice 9 questions interview with Puberblood Amnesia L. Winter. You can read the english version RIGHT HERE

Questions were pretty basic and not that special, but I tried to answer them in a more complex manner and it might be interesting for many of you. Some answers might seem little bit over-the-top, but it's fun, you know.

Hey, native english speakers, or good english speakers/writers: if you want to interview me in EN, you're welcome! Come on, think up some cool original questions (they don't even have to be music related) and let's do it! More (text, audio or video) interviews would be fun.


06.11.2009 - Mona-Noir

I've been working on music for some CZ Neo-noir short movie. The quest was to create some sort of modern jazz and the primary objective was the heavy involvement of saxophone. Jazz is definitely not something I do everyday and it's quite far away from my dark electro sonic reality in which I usually compose, but why not, you know, I'm god and I can do anything.

Fun thing about the composing process was, that I actually do have a real saxophone in here, so it's been a great opportunity to use it and feel like a Jazz Jackrabbit once again. In this specific case, I've done slightly futuristic neo-jazz song, quite upbeat, no vocals, but full of my sexy live sax playing - It's called Mona-Noir.

Unfortunately, once I finished the stuff, I found out that the whole movie project went to hell, the director changed his mind, had some problems with authorities or whatever and scraped it off the table completely. But don't be so sad my dear children, you can always at least check out the music and download it RIGHT HERE

If you like my sax playing, I have good news for you - there will be some sax on my new GOD-Complex album too... If you don't like my sax playing, I have also good news - that sax is gonna be only on 1 song :)


05.11.2009 - GOD-Complex Productions

From now on, GOD-Complex is offering production services.

If you want any sonic help with your music or music/sound related projects, maybe I could help you. It can be anything - fine-tuning your tracks, overall mastering, remixing your songs, music or sound effects for your movies etc. If you want my remix, you can even specify the mood or music genre of the remix product and there's a special option to request exclusive GOD vocals (in the remix or in any of your original tracks).

If you're interested, email me HERE so we can discuss the details and rates (which are very reasonable).


09.09.2009 - Aegri-Somnia

Aegri-Somnia presents Insidious Birds

A Sick Man's Dreams, translated in latin - Aegri-Somnia is a name of a new music collaboration project that I'm working on (or supposed to be working on) besides GOD-Complex. The main difference is the element of collaboration - While in G-C I'm doing everything on my own, Aegri-Somnia is meant to be focused on a fusion of multiple talents and influences into one project. So far, entities related to this project are singer Malice Agnostica, electronic musicians Thomas Black (Semantic Error) and me (GOD). However, AS is an open collaboration project ready for creative input of anyone who is interested, so if you think you have something to offer (like guest vocals for instance), contact me. Debut song of Aegri-Somnia is an anti-bird anthem called "Insidious Bids" about the ongrowing population of evil birds killing the human race and taking over the planet. More details and free downloads of the song are available RIGHT HERE

There are also source vocal files, so you're encouraged to download them and do your own remix of the song which is gonna be put there for download. Amazing remix by Artificial Expression is already there with more to come, so check it out, enjoy and if you can, be creative yourself....


09.06.2009 - Bandzone Genesis & Ducktales

(This is primarily for CZ people)

In case anyone cares, I've just registered a bandzone account for GOD-Complex. I always thought bandzone is a total joke, since every 9 year old hip-hop DJ seems to be using it, but it's actually not as bad as it might seem. Good thing about it is, that it's constructed strictly as a music server, so whoever is checking out your profile there, it's usually a musician or at least a music fan who cares about music and is willing to comment, appreciate and so on. So if you have a profile on there, feel free to worship me/add me/comment etc. If you don't, you can always just check it out RIGHT HERE. Since it's a CZ music server, it's all in czech and I've even added an exclusive bonus song there, which is a coverversion of Ducktales (the ultimate masterpiece Walt Disney TV show with ducks...) and my vocals are in czech language !!! (which is extremely rare to hear from me)... enjoy...


11.03.2009 - New 2009 GOD-Complex Album Progress

The time has come to bless my dear worshippers with the information about the progress status of a new 2009 GOD-Complex album. Information feed has been quite slow lately, but there is a very good and simple reason - I've been working hard on new material. Instead of continual posting of info updates like crazy everywhere possible, I created an exclusive page, where all the information about the production of the new album shall be posted and frequently updated.

So until the album is released you can keep checking out the exclusive album production progress page RIGHT HERE


24.12.2008 - GOD-Complex Xmas Party (Raindrops In The Sand)

There hasn't been too much activity in GOD-Complex camp lately, so I guess it's time to post something, since it's Christmas and end of the year.

First of all, GOD wishes all his dear GOD-Complex fans happy Xmas & New Year. I have a strong feeling that 2009 is going to rock !!! 2008 has been quite a good year (except for 1 fucking thing !!!), afterall, GOD-Complex was born and The Curse Of Divinity album released, but I'm positive that 2009 will be even better. Not only for G-C, but hopefully for all of you.

What? "No christmas presents?!?!" I hear in the crowd? OK, I've just finished music for one of the songs off the upcoming album, so to give you at least something, here's the instrumental demo version. It's quite soft and mellow, so it suits the xmas atmosphere. Final album version will be mixed better and it will include GOD's sexy vocals, so this is just a taste.

Yes, there will be another new album in 2009, so far I've got like 5 new songs completed and about a dozen of new unfisnished demos in progress, so it might be sooner than you think. On the other hand, the world didn't even realize I've released an album exactly 2 months ago and very few people actually downloaded it, so I don't want to rush things, because this world is just not ready for so much good music at such a rapid rate. Wait a while and in the moment I feel the time is right, the new (yet untitled one) is gonna get released. More info about the new album is coming soon. Also, there's a probability of GOD-Complex live shows in 2009, but don't tell anyone :) It's still the idea in progress and I would need to find some cool band members first and especially, I would need to solve that 1 fucking thing I mentioned earlier, more info about this later.

Anyway, to the christmas gift song - This baby is called "Raindrops In The Sand" and it's still in the instrumental form, so you can use your imagination what it will be about in the end. As a matter of fact, I've got pretty good lyrics written for this already, but still can't push myself to do the vocals. Sometimes, I hate doing vocals, you know, or am I just being lazy? Well, if you are a singer and want to help me out and sing it instead of me as a guest vocalist, contact me, I would be greatful and you would be part of the new G-C album. Interesting thing about this tune is that I've used a saxophone for the first time in many years. Why? I've watched one of my favourite movies Lost Highway by David Lynch again recently and it's sax-soundtrack by Angelo Badalamenti and certain scenes in that film featuring saxophone truly inspired me to use this cool golden thing once again. You can download the yet instrumental demo version as a xmas present RIGHT HERE

Enjoy and have a nice dark holidays...


05.11.2008 - Remember, remember, the 5th of November.

Remember remember the fifth of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason why gunpowder, treason
Should ever be forgot...

So, who knows what is the origin of this poem and in what movie it's been recently used? Email GOD the correct answer and the first 3 people will receive a cool bonus in form of exclusive, previously unreleased GOD-Complex song as a reward.

Anyway, why all this 5th of November hype? This is obviously the big time for America, there is this election going on over there, deciding on congress representatives, next governor and especially who's gonna be the next president of the USA, reportedly the most influental and mighty man on the planet. Big deal? Well, no, actually. Everybody knows, that GOD is the most important/mighty man on the planet and noone cares about USA elections.

However, there is another, far more important election going on right now, that deserves your attention. Many of you have already downloaded new GOD-Complex album "The Curse Of Divinity". If you still don't have it, you've got no excuse, download it right now, for free. Then, after proper listening, GO VOTE for your favourite song on the album in this beautiful little poll HERE.

24.10.2008 - "The Curse Of Divinity" released

The moment for which all the mankind has been furiously waiting for is finally here. GOD-Complex presents the brand new album The Curse Of Divinity, released today, October 24th 2008. Of course, available as a 100% free download, so don't be shy my dear believers & worshipers and download all you can... right HERE

Also, one of the main inspirations for this album, Scorpio, has a birthday today, so this is kinda b-day present and GOD, GOD-Complex and all the G-C fans wishes Scorpio all the best and Happy Birthday :-)

12.10.2008 - TCOD is coming

New GOD-Complex album "The Curse Of Divinity" has just been finished.

It's a strongly varied, fully vocaled, 10 tracks album including a few juicy coverversions. Now, GOD is just putting some finishing touches on coverart, putting all the lyrics up to be ready for this place, preparing some additional programming stuff concerning this website like exclusive polls and very soon, the whole album will be available in a Sonic Reality section for a free download. If everything goes smoothly, release date will be 24.10.2008

10.10.2008 - Genesis

Entry testing of a nuclear power called GOD-Complex website (omega version 0.42) has been unleashed. Keep in mind, that this is truly The Brood form, far from being finished. This entity is gonna grow stronger and more interesting every day.

Arisen From The Ashes In The Phoenix Style

I'm Coming Back From The Grave Exile

Awaken By The Sound Of The Deadly Horn

GOD Is Ready To Be Reborn

This is the place for all GOD-Complex related news in the future... stay tuned on this information thread, so you can feed on extremely interesting news which shall be added here as long as something is happening.