Transmitter (Contact / Links)

This is the Transmitter to the outer worlds. A Portal to a Dimension of Pure Chaos.
Only here, you can explore the further realms of experience and hear the vocies of the dead.
If your prayers are strong enough, you can even communicate with GOD himself.
A place, where all your sins will be forgiven.


If you have ANY kind of feedback, questions, reactions to the music, requests, information etc.
You can directly contact GOD-Complex by emailing here:

External Worlds (Links)

Official GOD-Complex presence:

GOD-Complex FaceBook:
- Over the last few years, this has become the social network #1, so you should definitely check it out and "Like this" to get fresh updates right in your FB news feed.

GOD-Complex MySpace:
- There was a time when MySpace had some meaning to it's existence, but now it's been pretty much destroyed by FB and it's basically just a digital graveyard full of spam profiles. Some people still use it however and there might be some exclusive blog entries or things, that might not be available elsewhere, so check it out every once in a while.

GOD-Complex Bandzone:
- I always thought bandzone is a total joke, since every 9 year old hip-hop "DJ" seems to be using it, but it's actually not as bad as it might seem. Good thing about it is, that it's constructed strictly as a music server, so whoever is checking out your profile there, it's usually a musician or at least a music fan who cares about music and is willing to comment, appreciate and so on. So if you have a profile on there, feel free to worship me/add me/comment etc.

GOD-Complex YouTube Channel:
- Digital box for GOD's music video creations, some shitty live show recordings and some of his favourite music videos.

GOD-Complex Twitter:
- Follow GOD-Complex news on Twitter, they're brief and important, usually the stuff you won't find anywhere else, like what song or project is GOD currently working on etc. It's better than facebook especially in it's simplicity and effectivity.

GOD-Complex Last.Fm:
- Last.Fm was like a cool internet music radio, until it fell down into the pits of commercial hell, but if you have tendencies to scrobble GOD-Complex tracks on there to become top G-C listener, be my guest.

GOD's CSFD Movie db:
- Have you always wanted to know what is GOD's opinion about latest movies, or movies he's seen lately? You can read all about it here. (Warning: fokin CZ language only)