Basic Instinct

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"I've lived in darkness a long time, over the years my eyes adjusted and total dark became my world and i could see..."

"Never make things personal... clouds your judgement... been living in a fog way too long..."

Unable to Breathe
Unable to See
Unable to Hear
Unable to Feel


Unable to Breathe - In this toxic air
Unable to See - In this dark beyond repair
Unable to Hear - Through this distorted sound
Unable to Feel - In this shit that's all around

Choking in the clouds of smoke
I'm trying to perceive
that everybody's losing control
in the face of global deceit

Incorrigible mindless heads
marching in the crowd
without even slight regret
or any visible sign of doubt

Chorus 2

It's getting a little erratic here
crushed down by waves of noise
Suffering in a constant fear
unable to rejoice

Every single living thing
is destined to be extinct
You can go ahead and play dead
or stop and start to think

it's getting worse
it's getting worse
it's getting worse
it's getting worse everyday

Chorus 3


... and let me know what do you think about this brutal industrial massacre