GOD-Complex - The Curse Of Divinity

Release Date: 24.10.2008


The Curse Of Divinity is basically an autobiographical album, seen directly from the GOD's perspective about living as a god and complications generated by being god. Thanks to this album, you will realize, that even if you are god almighty, multi-talented and ultra-intelligent super-being, it doesn't make your life easier. Despite the fact that you are way better than the rest of the population and the divine entity, you still have to struggle to find balance on unsteady ground.

There is a strong concept behind this album, not only it's divinity theme, but also chronological and sequential order. Songs are connected to one another and things happening in one song are affecting what happens in others. Due to it's autobiographical basis, there is a dense story behind the curtain of this album and it might be also described as GOD's personal sonic diary.

Which brings us to the important point, that TCOD is quite a personal work and intimate album dealing with GOD's connections to other human beings, his worshipers etc. Some of the songs are extremely private, so GOD hesitated whether publishing them is a good idea or not. But then again, some of GOD's all-time favourite music works are usually pretty personal too, which might be the reason why they are so good. So hopefully, GOD-Complex fans will appreciate this level of intimacy and "The Curse Of Divinity" will touch their hearts.

Musical / Vocal Description:

TCOD is musically significantly varied album, yet, it's sonically closely connected. It explores the genres of industrial, alternative, electro and darkwave among others. Enchanting piano pieces and fragile moments of atmospheric tranquility are alternating with experimental synthpop tracks, which are then substituted by dark, brooding numbers filled with fear, only to be destroyed by pumping, hard and brutal industrial beating tunes few minutes later.

It's similar with vocals, singing styles and GOD's voice in general. On some tracks GOD is singing in relatively clean way, using the soft voice style, pushing himself to vocal harmonies. On other tracks, he's just agressively screaming the hell out of his lungs. There is everything, godlike whispers, sexy voxs, romantic stuff filled with emotions, on 1 track GOD is even doing something like rap and similar experiments.

The Curse Of Divinity coverart (full color version is in the download package)


  • 1. Talk To Me
  • 2. Your God Hates You
  • 3. Jump
  • 4. Special Life
  • 5. Lovesong
  • 6. My Form of Blood Flower
  • 7. The Creature Within
  • 8. False Pretense
  • 9. The Mirror Of Dreams
  • 10.The Hallway Of Sadness

Lyrics: You can read all the lyrics on TCOD right HERE

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Credits: Music, Production, Lyrics, Vocals, Composing, Performing, Arranging, Programming, Mixing, Mastering, Design, Concept etc. by GOD.

(C) GOD 2008

Some of the songs on TCOD are covers/half-covers, so creators of the originals have GOD's full credit and gratitude. You can play a guessing game what the originals are, sometimes it's pretty obvious and easy, other times it might be quite a puzzle and fun to discover.

PG-13 - TCOD is a relatively soft album, but there are also minor brutal elements. There is a presence of serious religious fanaticism, there is blood, sex, violence and occasional F-Words among other explicit content. It's really minimal and only in a few songs, but GOD thought it would be considerate to put a PG-13+ rating label on this album as a warning. So, dear children and kiddie G-C fans, if you are under 13, you theoretically shouldn't listen to this album too much, or else, you'll become evil. Of course you will download it and listen anyway, but just so you know.

Thank You Section

"The Curse Of Divinity" would also like to thank a few humans.... (yes, this album is an intelligent life form capable of it's own decisions and actions. I bet your album can't do this, well, my album is cooler than your album).

Thanks for music inspiration: J-L De Meyer, Clint Carney, Madonna, Robert Smith, Jasyn Bangert and Torben Wendt.
Thanks for support & mind power: Thomas Black, Mr. Deckard, Bud, Acidofil, Alien and Vojtech von Holeschowitz...
Thanks for emotional energy & heart infection: Suede, Scorpio, Succubus, Black Dragon, Terryminator and Bonnie...

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