GOD-Complex Interview #1

GOD-Complex interviewed by Pureblood Amnesia L. Winter. 2009 - english version

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Amnesia: 1. Why did you name your project GOD-Complex and does it have something to do with faith or religion?

GOD: Creating a project name is a totally hardcore process. You can try that sometimes - it has to be original, unique, cool-sounding, thematically compatible with music you make, it should contain some symbology, it's got to have a very strong durability so you can love it even after all those years etc. Recently, I've been thinking about the title for my side-project and it only proved the intricacy of this process - I got it now, but it took many months to think up the right title. Of course you can just pick up some lame whatever name which is what 90% musicians are doing, but it's really hard if you want to have a name which is not a total fail. Has it anything to do with faith? Well, it does actually, but it's all my own religion and faith in myself. From my perspective, the only god is me, so of course, it has nothing to do with catholic or any other kind of non-existent god.

So there just had to be a "GOD" in the title since it's the name of the author and also because I've been making music under the GOD moniker long time before GOD-Complex. Complex is more like a portrayal of the complexity and punctuality of my music as well as an architectonic structure as in complex labyrinth and storage for my art. Combination of these 2 words merged together in god complex, the state of mind in which the owner believes in his own divinity and focuses on his self-centered superiority to the rest of human race - that's crucial mostly for the lyrical content of this project. It's important to spell GOD in capitals, not only because it adds to an undoubted majesty, but it also stands for Gate Of Destruction, which has been the other project name I had in my head long before G-C was born. CompLex can be seperated into 2 words - Comp (computer), showing the way of my music making, which is mostly electronic, done on computer and Lex, which is latin for law/order. All these 3 words together evoke more and more meanings like God's computer law etc. LEX also stands for Leading Edge eXtensions, which are specific parts added to the front of a modern fighter aircraft's wings in order to provide usable airflow at high angles of attack - that describes the impact, intensity and edginess of my music to which I cling to quite often. There are many more symbols and meanings, but I don't wanna waste your time. In the end, GOD-Complex is truly an excellent project title, which most artists can only dream about.

A: 2. When GOD-Complex emerged and is it your first project?

GOD: This goes way deep into the history, but I would date the GOD-Complex genesis with the release date of it's first album - 24th of October 2008. It's not my first music project, I've been making music since the turn of this millenium, but it's the first project of mine, which is fully focused on my lyrics/opinions/vocals. Majority of my previous music has been instrumental. I've always been a phenomenal lyricist, but for some reason I wasn't as keen on my vocals. Then, during one beautiful day I've got struck by some kind of illumination during which I realized that my voice is actually pretty good, dark, unique, mysterious and sexy. That was the moment I realized it's time to create a brand new music sphere where my voice would be the dominating factor.

A: 3. Songs on The Curse Of Divinity album seemed extremely emotional to me. Would you say this trend will continue on the new album?

GOD: I take my music pretty seriously (most of the time), so it's basically impossible not to implement my own emotions in it's core, but if we are talking about personal intimity and relationship type emotions, that's what I'm trying to avoid as much as I can on the new album. TCOD has been way too private, too much about me as a person and since GOD-Complex is a public project, it's like going out on street and start telling your personal details to all those unknown strangers. I'm actually quite introverted and I'm not compatible with this concept, so Kingdom Of Decay (title of my new album) is going to be much more external, global, pro-ecological, dealing with the nature of human race, analyzing the problems and dementia of current society etc. rather than vivisecting myself.

A: 4. Your music is very unique and original, is there something that inspires you to create?

GOD: Basically all the external and internal stimuli which I absorb are afterwards transformed (purposefully or subconsciously) into the final art product. My favourite and the strongest inspirations are usually night/darkness (90% of my music has been created at night), personal experience, recent feelings (especially the negative ones), nostalgia, melancholia, dreams (nightmares), autumn, art (music, graphics, writing, movies etc.) It's a long list.

A: 5. What's your favourite song from that album?

GOD: Most "artists" (for whatever reason) are always starting up that melodrama of comparing their songs to their children and the impossibility of choosing the favourite. That's retarded. Sure, you spend many hours with creation process of every single song and you mostly like them all, but there are always some favourites, those people just don't have balls to choose, that's all. So if we are talking about The Curse Of Divinity, it would be Special Life, which is musically interesting and has the most important lyrics on the album crucial for the whole concept. Paradoxically it's one of the less popular songs on the album from what I gathered. Out of the coverversions I'm really happy with Jump. Madonna is having hard ogasms listening to it without a doubt. On the other hand my least favourite on that album is my cover of The Cure's Lovesong, that's probably the only song I don't like in retrospect, but everybody else seems to like it so it's all good.

A: 6. Castle Party, Wave Gotik Treffen, would you like to play any of these festivals and alike?

GOD: I'm not the biggest fan of festivals - especially open air ones. These specific 2 seems to be more like a fashion show of extravagant girls and apparitions from graveyard than serious music event. Festivals lacks any kind of atmosphere from music perspective and I'm really not interested to be a part of a program for masses, where most of them have no idea what's going on, completely unaware of your music. Plus being sandwiched between dozen noname projects of questionable quality - no, thanks. From an artistic point of view, festivals are mostly about expanding your fanbase and that's another aspect I don't really care about. Sure, it's nice to have some new fans, but not by all means neccesarry. I'm also not so keen on the idea of me as a show opener, unless it's opening for someone I really like and respect, I wouldn't do it. GOD-Complex is project way too sexy to be an opener. I'd rather do my own headlining live show on which I would loose a fortune thanks to a minimal audience, than to be a part of some awkward opening party.

A: 7. Are you planning to shoot music videos?

GOD: You seem to be a pretty capable mind-scanner, because that's exactly one of the main subjects occupying my mind for the last few weeks. I'm preparing some concepts and thinking about it a lot. The problem is - I'm not David Lynch or Mark Romanek, well, their directing talent is without a doubt somewhere deep inside me, but I don't have all that necessary equipment right now. If I had at least a digital profi hi-tech cam I would be shooting right now, maybe it's time to go shopping. This way I'm at least trying to shoot various interesting, bizarre, dark and abstract images on my photocamera, which sucks quality-wise, but since it would go straight to youtube, which cripples quality anyway, it might not matter as much. We will see what will emerge from that. Anyway, if any talented soul with a good camera is interested in shooting something cool, let me know - my songs and me are all ready to go. Other option lies in the hands of all those lazy scientists who should have invented dream projector already, which would record my dreams into video format. With this device I would have the best videos ever in a matter of days, because things happening in my head during sleep are really something!

A: 8. Many artists are sending their music to various contests, doing everything they can to promote it. Are you also trying your best to publicize your music?

GOD: Not at all. I hate all those music circus things, I've never been part of any contest or whatever and I never will be. It's like serious prostitution of your music, all those losers are participating, because their music is cheap and they don't have to care about their integrity. GOD-Complex music is definitely not cheap so I'm not gonna prostitute it - simple. These people are usually spamming with their shitty music everywhere they can - demanding votes in stupid polls, spamming your social networks profiles, requesting friendships on MySpace in thousands and just generally begging for your attention - they are attention whores, not artists. In worst case scenarios they even want you to pay for their crap. It's really a sad look, someone should provide them with a high quality freezing shower to make them realize it's a year 2009. But really, one more metal or hip hop band sends me their spam with message like "Hey, check out our new trackz, vote for us here and there and buy our album!", my nerves might not take it anymore and the apocalypse is coming!

A: 9. Anything you would like to add?

GOD: Hey fans (especially girls): Learn to be more communicative! ... and more creative, there are countless ways how to do it - writing, graphics, music, vocals, photos, animations, videos, etc. etc., choose something and specialize. It's definitely gonna be more interesting and productive than doing nothing on the internet, getting wasted, or buying your new (150th) shoes. Thanks. Good Night.