GOD-Complex - Holy Decadence

Release Date: 30.12.2011


Holy Decadence completes the GOD-Complex album trilogy. After the dark and emotional "The Curse Of Divinity" (2008) and global/ecological/anti-society oriented "Kingdom Of Decay" (2009), Holy Decadence could be described as romantically depressive. As always with G-C albums, HD is extremely conceptual piece of work. It's about fall from heaven and the inevitable way back up, it deals with destructive collapse and subsequent repair. The healing of the bleeding wounds and returning to the right paths of destiny. The important part of the concept is that this album is not about rise and fall. It's about fall and rise. Most of Holy Decadence is being seen through a very strong pair of romantic glasses, so it analyzes themes of spiritual immortality, love invincibility and the crucial importance of fate and eternity.

Musical / Vocal Description:

Sonically, Holy Decadence is purposely raw and minimal, the whole production seems to be very dirty with almost kind of punk attitude. It sounds like the whole thing is made in old rusty factory where everything is covered in dust. Song structures are not going into extensively complex territories this time around, they are kept simple and effective, with one primary objective - to carry and support GOD's lyrics. The artistic intention was to keep the immediacy and emotional impact of both music and vocals. Not to be drowned in the walls of electronic sounds as on the previous albums, not to be drawn back by constant re-thinking, but to really go straight to the point, to be direct and intransigent. That's the reason why, for the first time in G-C history, there are even few truly acoustic pieces - acoustic guitar, acoustic piano playing, experimenting with live hardware synthesizers, oldschool drum machines (the ancient Linn 9000 has been used here for instance) and in addition to that - only GOD's vocals which are often left totally unprocessed and natural. Most of the vocals on this album were recorded on impulse, the 1st original take, no re-recordings, no updates and editing, GOD's production attitude on Holy Decadence was in the style of - lets fucking do it.

Holy Decadence coverart (full color version is in the download package)


  • 1. In Heaven
  • 2. Artmageddon
  • 3. Love Will Tear Us Apart
  • 4. Game Over
  • 5. Phoenix
  • 6. Malice
  • 7. Immortals
  • 8. Diamond Blue Eyes
  • 9. My Wings Of Desire
  • 10.Secret Garden
  • 11.Mutant Swan
  • 12.Corset Dreams
  • 13.Waiting for Ascension
  • 14.The Sun Destroyer
  • 15.Die In The Sky

Lyrics: You can read all the lyrics on HD right HERE

Download: Here's the full brand new GOD-Complex album "Holy Decadence" including visual coverart in color. Download package is 472 MB .ZIP archive file and it contains 2 separate folders - 1 with good quality 320 kbps .MP3's (suitable for some portable players that don't support anything else) and 1 folder with the album in lossless quality .FLAC format (for your best listening experience on your hi-end home audio systems and headphones), they're both properly tagged and ready. If you can, I recommend listening to the .FLAC version of the album, because .MP3's are simply not good enough anymore these days. The quality difference might not be that fatal, but it's definitely clearly hearable.

Do you want some other formats? .OGG, .WAV, or whatever? If so, just let me know.

Credits: Music, Production, Lyrics, Vocals, Composing, Performing, Arranging, Programming, Mixing, Mastering, Design, Concept etc. by GOD.

(C) GOD-Complex 2011

PG-13 - Holy Decadence is the softest G-C album, but there are still minor brutal elements and some explicit content. It's really minimal and only in a few songs, but GOD thought it would be considerate to put a PG-13+ rating label on this album as a warning. So, dear children and kiddie G-C fans, if you are under 13, you theoretically shouldn't listen to this album too much, or else, you'll become evil. Of course you will download it and listen anyway, but just so you know.

Thank You Section

"Holy Decadence" would also like to thank a few humans.... (yes, my albums are intelligent life forms capable of their own decisions and actions. I bet your album can't do this, well, my albums are cooler than yours, sucker).

Thanks for your support, collaboration and especially total inspiration:
Malice Agnostica, Amnesia, Riwaa Nerona, Joy Division... and all the G-C fans.

(Really, HD would never exist without these entities and the endless source of inspiration they provide...)

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