GOD-Complex - The Ruins Of Heaven

Release Date: 19.06.2012


Everything is destroyed, all dreams are gone and all hope is lost. All that's left are "The Ruins Of Heaven", the 5th GOD-Complex album that directly follows where the previous opus "Holy Decadence" (2011) left off. Once again, a very conceptual piece of work that focuses on the steady decline and the remains of something once majestic. If you dare, take a good listen and hear for yourself how it sounds like. You might not like what you hear, you might get depressed and you might even turn insane, because a huge amount of this album is analyzing various distortions of mind and mental psychosis. However, if you pay strict attention to what you hear or read in the lyrics, you might get something more out of it, because it all makes a lot of higher sense. For the most part, The Ruins are written by GC's alter ego, who wants you to really think and let the brain be your primary organ this time. Your heart might disagree, but heart had a chance on Holy Decadence album, now it's brain time, so listen, feel the pain and think.

Musical Description:

Musically, this album is pretty much one big (self)destructive mess. Not in the sense of a hardcore substance (although there are few heavier moments), but more mentally with a direct connection to the sound itself. It's distorted to hell, quite minimalistic, just take that broken piece of music and destroy that motherfucker even more, but it's still done in a very musical and melodic way. There are lots of synthesizers, guitars (electric and acoustic), pianos and live & lo-fi drums, but it's impossible to see them as individual instruments anyway. All you see on the horizon is a wreckage, wastelands full of human bones covered in dust and shreds of stones. If you imagine a colossal cathedral shattered to pieces by the wrath of god, structure collapsing, that's how it sounds like. This is psychotic sonic chaos straight from GC's soul right into your ears. Enjoy!

The Ruins Of Heaven coverart


  • 1. Non Servium
  • 2. Mortal Dance
  • 3. Decline
  • 4. Creepy Little Thing
  • 5. Train Of Pain
  • 6. Breathing Underwater
  • 7. Amnesia
  • 8. Bleeding Wounds
  • 9. Inside Her Brain
  • 10.Sacrifice?

Lyrics: You can read all the lyrics on TROH right HERE

Download: Here's the full brand new GOD-Complex album "The Ruins Of Heaven". Download package is 253 MB .ZIP archive file and it contains 2 separate folders - 1 with good quality 320 kbps .MP3's (suitable for some portable players that don't support anything else) and 1 folder with the album in lossless quality .FLAC format (for your best listening experience on your hi-end home audio systems and headphones), they're both properly tagged and ready. If you can, I recommend listening to the .FLAC version of the album, because .MP3's are simply not good enough anymore these days. The quality difference might not be that fatal, but it's definitely clearly hearable.

Do you want some other formats? .OGG, .WAV, or whatever? If so, just let me know.

Loudness Wars:

You might notice, that "The Ruins Of Heaven" is significantly quieter than the previous G-C albums and than most of the music on the modern music scene right now. This is done on purpose to avoid the so called "Loudness War". It results in the whole album being about 3 to 5 db lower than the previous "Holy Decadence". In short, by lowering the volume, the music has more dynamic range and basically sounds better. If you want to play it loud, just turn the volume up yourself, all control is in your hands, I'm sure every G-C fan is capable enough to turn the volume knob to the right a bit. If you're interested in this topic, I've written a short article about it, which you can read right HERE.

Credits: Music, Production, Lyrics, Vocals, Composing, Performing, Arranging, Programming, Mixing, Mastering, Concept etc. by GOD-Complex.

(C) GOD-Complex 2012

PG-13 - Despite it's destructivity, The Ruins Of Heaven is quite soft album, but there are still minor brutal elements and some explicit content. It's really minimal and only in a few songs, but GC thought it would be considerate to put a PG-13+ rating label on this album as a warning. So, dear children and kiddie G-C fans, if you are under 13, you theoretically shouldn't listen to this album too much, or else, you'll become evil. Of course you will download it and listen anyway, but just so you know.

Thank You Section

I would like to thank and credit Paja & Elsa, Balathiel for the visual dose, Brad Fiedel who strongly inspired one new song and Bryan Erickson, who slightly inspired another one, but more importantly, listening to his older songs made me help to deal with my depression and injected me with a brand new apetite to create my own music and to actually enjoy the process.

Thanks to all the G-C fans and supporters (if there are any)

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